Professional Work

Formation Catalog for the Cathedral Church of Saint Mark

For St. Mark's Cathedral, I worked with their existing and robust brand guidelines to create a catalog of formation resources, classes, and groups with clear structure, easy navigation, intuitive and informative use of colors, and a compelling and trustworthy design.

a preview of four pages of a formation catalog, showing a schedule, an introductory letter, and a table of contents. the colors are bright jewel tones.

Newsletter for St. Peter's Catholic Student Center, 2021

For the Student Center, I built upon their recent newsletters to create a familiar but eye catching design that centered stories from and the faces of the student center.

first page of a newsletter; it uses soft colors and a sharp font, and describes the student center as a family amidst the tumlutuous first year of the covid-19 pandemic

Album design for Kite by Landon McGee, 2015

sunny, blue-toned shot of a red barn in the snow, with an olderm an standing apart and looking to the side, just out of the barn's stark shadow, wearing a functional and sharp winter coat, hat, and gloves in tones of grey, and blue jeans.

Logo design for urban program, Night Market, 2018 (finalist, but not chosen)

in a lamp, a city skyline sits across a sliver of a moon with the words night market following the skyline. in white, in a lamp, a city skyline sits across a sliver of a moon with the words night market following the skyline, cuts over an evening scen of music on a city green.

Logo design for St. John's Annual Bluegrass Festival, 2018

the words 'St. John's North Guilford Bluegrass Festival on the Hill' make up a banjo in a handlettered, rustic but clean font a group of people stand together smiling, all wearing blue shirts wiht the Bluegrass Festival logo in white. a small boy at the front holds a guitar case.


Austin Community College: Typography

Austin Community College: Digital Publishing 1

personal projects

Congratulation Slide for University graduation Video, 2020

set against a vintage postcard of a university building is photo of a line of graduates. happy graduates flashes in bright, vintage colors as a graduation cap flies up and down.