Madeleine H H

Welcome! My name is
Madeleine Herritage.

I am a front-end web developer for a university, where I work both with content managers on web strategy and directly within Drupal to develop a rich and robust web experience for content managers and visitors alike. You can find links to some of my older work here and see some of my older design work here.

I love css (did you know you can use grid for overlap?), efficiently straightforward code, excellent user experience from first impressions to robust accessibility (currently excited about using meaningful selectors, not just classes, but for styling and scripting), and streamlined collaboration.

Before I was a web developer, I worked in academic libraries, quality assurance in the energy & marine industries, and honors education. I also have a Masters of Divinity from Yale. All these experiences give me a robust and eclectic understanding of a variety of clients and contexts.

Currently, I'm learning more about developing for the Wordpress Block Editor & Full Site Editing, expanding my UI/UX skills, and building my React & Typescript capabilities, including building custom Wordpress blocks in React.

You can find me on LinkedIn and GitHub, though my agency work is not public and stored on BitBucket.

I am also a really excellent knitter: