Honey Smoked Fish

Made updates to Shopify site, implementing dynamic, new design elements.


Provided comprehensive UI/UX for full site, working directly with design and development to deliver user-focused solutions that meet client goals.
Assisted with development, providing indepth CSS & styling support throughout.

Kalon Salon

Built site with custom styling and blocks in the Wordpress Full Site Editor.

Broadway Dallas

Built all page content fully in blocks, originally in Wordpress 6.0. Client controls site and creates new pages and makes updates, fully independently, using blocks for fully modular, visually editable layouts. Site includes a custom calendar that pulls in show information.

Chili's merch store

Worked with team to build site in Shopify, working with mobile-first design and easy updates of content for client.

John Ritter Foundation

Site built in Wordpress using ACF to create modular site the client is able to update and expand, with a custom events calendar, custom form creation, and templatized but flexible layouts.

Lockvault: website

Simple site built to support launch of new web app. Site was built in fully customized Gutenberg Blocks.

Lockvault: app

Provided robust UI/UX support for complex webapp, addressing user experience from registration through ongoing use, ensuring a streamlined user experience.

Local Hive Honey

Worked with team of developers to move existing site fully from Wordpress to Shopify while implementing a new and engaging design, including an interactive quiz to suggest honeys for purchase based on user preferences.

Truly Simple Meats

Implemented a complete site refresh, including improving SEO and updating images, plugins, and third-party resources to improve site speed.


Just for fun